1. Food
All savory foods, including fast-food products, pasta, eggs, meats, oils, sauces, butter, cheese, natural yoghurt, pet foods etc.

2. Confectionery & Snacks
Chocolates, sugar confectionery, jams, desserts, nuts, biscuits, salted snacks, gums etc.

3. Non-alcoholic Drinks
Soft drinks, fruit juices, tea, coffee, mineral water and milk-based drinks.

4. Health & Beauty
Optical, medical and dental services, toothpastes, condoms, toiletries, tissues, soaps, diapers, shaving products, perfumes, cosmetics, deodorants, hearing aids, hair care and solar protection products, beauty institutes, spas, bath and shower additives etc.

5. Prescription and OTC Products
Advertising for pharmaceutical and related products and services aimed at the general public or at the medical profession.

6. Fashion, Footwear & Personal Accessories
Including sportswear, swimwear, lingerie, shoes, socks, stockings, hats, gloves, eyewear, writing instruments, wrist watches, jewellery, luggage, hand bags, smoking materials and other portable accessories.

7. Luxury & Premium Brands
Luxury fashion and accessories, artisanal and custom-made products, furnishing and housewares, tailoring, jewellery, premium cosmetic products, upscale hotels and resorts, elite travel experiences, value-added services, high status technology, luxury automobiles and other automotive, private aircraft, yachts and motorboats.

8. Household Maintenance
Paints, detergents, household cleaning products, air fresheners, insecticides, gardening equipment, plant foods, batteries, adhesives, food containers etc.

9. Homes, Furnishings & Appliances
Property, furniture, floor coverings, domestic appliances, kitchenware, televisions, home cinema, security systems, solar heating and all public utilities providing water, gas, electricity etc.

10. Personal Electronics & Devices
Computers and laptops, phones, tablets, media players, smart watches and wearable technology.

11. Automotive
All vehicles Including SUVs and people carriers, trucks, vans, motorcycles, ambulances and other service vehicles. Tyres, petrol, oil, spare parts and accessories, in-car entertainment, GPS etc.

12. Communication & Public Services
Telecoms service providers, broadband, postal and courier services, yellow pages, directory enquiries, schools, search engines, energy and utility providers. (See category 18 for individual television channels and programs.)

13. Transport & Tourism
Airlines, railways, car rentals, cruises, tour operators, tourist boards, hotels, resorts, driving schools, and all forms of public transport.

14. Restaurants, Bars & Cafés
Advertising and promotions for independent or chain restaurants, fast food services, bars and cafés.

15. Retail Services
Supermarkets, department stores, independant or chain stores and Internet shopping.

16. Financial Services
Banks, insurance, credit cards, pension plans, investments and related online services etc.

17. Online & Mobile services
Advertisement for services found and made possible by web and mobile environment. Web dating, food delivery, housing, transportation services, music libraries etc…

18. Media
Consumer advertising for books, films, newspapers, magazines, radio stations, television channels and programmes, including related apps, websites etc. (see category 24 for business to business media ads).

19. Recreation & Leisure
Video games, cameras, musical instruments and accessories, lotteries, scratch cards, festivals, concerts, toys, bicycles, dating services, exhibitions, amusement parks, gymnasiums, museums, sporting goods and sporting events, hotels and resorts etc.

20. Public Interest – Health & Safety
Road safety, diet & exercise, anti-smoking or anti-alcohol campaigns, sexually transmitted diseases, workplace safety etc.

21. Public Interest – Social
Homelessness, children’s rights, race relations, cruelty to animals etc.

22. Public Interest – Gender Equity
Campaigns in any medium promoting inclusion and empowerment, women’s rights, LTGBQI+ rights and any positive actions concerning gender identity.

23. Public Interest – Environment
Climate change, pollution, nature conservation etc.

24. Professional Products & Services
Office supplies, furnishings, industrial and agricultural equipment, packing materials, media sales, temporary help, language schools, learning institutions, trade fairs, communication, recruitment and translation agencies, video surveillance etc.

25. Corporate Image
Communication programmes whose primary function is to promote the reputation of a `corporation as opposed to its individual products or services.



26. Radio Advertising
Radio commercials for all products and services listed under categories 1 to 25 (a script, in English, must accompany each entry).

27. Consumer Direct
Direct marketing operations aimed primarily at the general public.

28. Business to Business Direct
Direct marketing operations aimed primarily at professional target groups.

29. Topical and Real-Time Advertising
Advertisements or campaigns inspired by the news. Rapid or immediate responses to breaking news, headlines, current affairs or very recent topical events.

30. Media Innovation - Traditional Media
Advertising and media planning using conventional media (inc. digital) in an original way.

31. Media Innovation - Alternative Media
Advertising and media planning that invents a new medium to carry its message; ambient, stunts, guerrilla marketing, installations etc.

32. Creative Technology
Objects or devices invented exclusively for a brand or a campaign, including vending machines, wearable technology, interactive installations etc.

33. Creative Use of Data
Campaigns or individual pieces of work that are inspired or based on data.

34. Branded Content - Films & Series
Operations involving films or web series designed to reinforce brand values in the context of entertainment and/or original content.

35. Branded Content - Music Videos
Any music video created as branded content for an advertiser or the promotion of the artist.

36. Branded Content - Branded Games
Offline as well as online, mobile, tablet or video games created specifically for brands, or product placements that enhance a player’s experience of the game.

37. Native Advertising
Original content that complements or reflects the editorial environment in which it appears, conveying a brand message yet providing engaging information or entertainment for the audience.

38. Product & Brand Integration
Operations which promote branded products or services via appearances in pre-existing films, television shows or other media, and which enable brands to gain or reinforce status from the context in which they are placed.

39. Public Relations
Campaigns in the fields of press relations, public affairs, crisis management, lobbying, reputation management, community and influencer management, financial communications and stakeholder relations. Projects and activities specifically devised to generate earned media.

40. Events
Exhibitions, stunts and special events designed to engage consumers and visitors with the values of a brand

41. Promotions & Incentives
Brand activation and CRM programmes, loyalty schemes, special offers, competitions, instore activities, merchandising, tie-ins etc designed for immediate results or to reinforce long-term customer relationships.

42. Experiential & Shopper Marketing
Installations or campaigns allowing consumers to engage directly with the brand, physical brand spaces such as exhibitions, museums and pop-up stores, in-store displays and merchandising, operations targeting consumers at the point of sale.



43. Copywriting & Storytelling
Exceptional writing, whether in a print advertisement, a film, or a piece of branded entertainment. Elegant phrasing, wit, sparkling dialogue, or simply a moving story.

44. Direction & Cinematography
Including lighting, camera angles, art direction, set design, casting, costumes, acting and other on-set considerations that contribute to the overall appreciation of a commercial independently of the creative idea.

45. Post Production & Visual Effects
Editing, color grading, compositing and all other post-production considerations that enhance production values and contribute to the overall appreciation of a commercial independently of the creative idea.

46. Animation
Including traditional, stop-motion and computer-generated techniques, used exclusively or in combination with live action to contribute to the overall appreciation of a commercial independently of the creative idea.

47. Best Use of Sound
A creative idea driven or enhanced by its sound design.

48. Best Use of Music
A creative idea driven or enhanced by the selection and use of music.

49. Print Craft
Aesthetic considerations, including art direction and copywriting that contribute to the overall appreciation of print advertising independently of the creative idea.

50. Advertising Photography
Original photography, including digital imaging, used for commercial communications (finished ads only; work must be entered as it appeared in the media).

51. Illustration
Illustrations used in the context of commercial communication only.



52. Graphic Design
Logos, letterheads, typography, etc.

53. Publication Design
Brochures, annual reports, catalogues, calendars, postcards, etc.

54. Packaging Design
All packages, containers, covers and labels for products and services listed under categories 1 to 25 above.

55. Brand Identity
The creation or redesign of the entire visual identity of a brand, from logo and font styles to graphic elements, digital presence, stationery, signage etc.

56. Product Design
Furniture, objects, toys etc. created for the client in a marketing context.



57. Websites
Innovation and creativity in the design of sites and microsites; sites with a specific brand objective.

58. Online Ads
Animated banners, pop-up ads etc.

59. Online & Viral Films
Web commercials and virals produced primarily for online viewing.

60. Social Networks
Operations relying primarily on targeted community applications, microblogging services and other user generated content.

61. Mobile Sites & Apps
Apps and sites for mobile or tablet devices created specifically for branding or promotional purposes.

62. Mobile Campaigns
Operations created specifically for mobile environments, for example using GPS technology.

63. Virtual / Augmented Reality
All virtual reality or augmented reality campaigns and applications created for the client in a marketing context.



64. Integrated Campaigns
Operations using at least three different media for a synergistic effect.

65. Humour in Advertising
A special category for advertising and branding using humour to convey messages, including film, print, digital and alternative media.